I have a parent folder (BIG_Folder), which contains many subfoldes (folder1, folder2, folder3 ...) in each subfolder a batch file exists, it is always the same (x.bat).

I want to run all bats, recursively from another bat.

BIG_Folder ( folder1 (x.bat), folder2(x.bat), folder3(x.bat) )

The folder1, folder2, folder3 are not created, created by a previous bat. For that reason, I seek to do recursively to all subfolders contained in BIG_Folder.

Attached code as I copy the bats to folders.

for /D %%f in ("C:BIG_Folder\*") do copy "C:\3.bat" "%%f\" 

Any help is appreciated

  • Hello! Welcome to SU, we're not a script writing service, but we can help with specific problems you may be having. What have you got so far, and where exactly are you getting stuck implementing your script? – Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 Dec 18 '14 at 22:03
  • I got lost in this sentence: "The folder1, folder2, folder3 are not created, created by a previous bat. For that reason, I seek to do recursively to all subfolders contained in BIG_Folder." I suspect it might be a typo and it isn't obvious how recursing bat execution relates to folder creation. Can you do something with that to make it clearer? – fixer1234 Dec 19 '14 at 1:36

Thanks for the prompt response, I apologize for the confusion

I'll try to be brief. The goal is to package the video and audio in a file. This means that in each folder, Folder1, Folder2, Folder3, has 3 files, 1 video (VIDEO01) and 2 audio (AUDIO01) (AUDIO02). and after executing the bat (3.BAT) become one single file.

this is the precise of packing instruction

bmxtranswrap -p -t op1a --ps-avcihead -o "OUT_SingleFile" %VIDEO01% %AUDIO01% %AUDIO02%   

And this is the complete instruction of 3.bat

   @echo off 

DIR *.mxf /b /o > clips.txt

for /F "tokens=*" %%X in (clips.txt) do call :variables "%%X" 
goto fin 

set /a contador=contador + 1 
if "%contador%"=="1" set linea1=%~1 
if "%contador%"=="2" set linea2=%~1 
if "%contador%"=="3" set linea3=%~1 
if "%contador%"=="4" set linea4=%~1 
if "%contador%"=="5" set linea5=%~1 



echo %linea1% 
echo %linea2% 
echo %linea3% 
echo %linea4% 
echo %linea5% 

bmxtranswrap -p -t op1a --ps-avcihead -o "OUT_%linea1%_.mxf" %linea1%  %linea2% %linea3% %linea4% %linea5%    


For this reason, the bat should be in each folder. Each folder has the same bat (3.bat) but different contents of video and audio. And what I want is to execute all bat (3.bat) at time.

One thing more 1,2,3 folders are created by another bat x.bat, which scans a directory and organizes videos and audios matching characters.

    @echo off
FOR /R "C:\MATERIAL" %%a IN (*.mxf*) DO set ruta=%%a&set datos=%%~nxa&call :separar
set copia=%datos:~0,4%
if not exist "C:\MATERIAL\CARPETAS\%copia%" MD "C:\MATERIAL\CARPETAS\%copia%"
set archivo=%datos%

if %archivo:~0,4% EQU %copia% copy "%ruta%" "C:\MATERIAL\CARPETAS\%copia%" 

echo %ruta%


call exe.bat


There exists a second bat (2.bat) which 3.bat copy to each individual folder created by x.bat

@echo off
for /D %%f in ("C:MATERIAL\CARPETAS\*") do copy "C:\3.bat" "%%f\"

Any help is appreciated

Thanks for everything

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Executing the batch scripts is just as easy (nearly the same) as copying them there in the first place:

for /d %%F in ("c:BIG_Folder\*") do call "%%F\3.bat"

But I suspect you are asking the wrong question. There should be no reason why you must have a copy of the batch file in each folder. You should be able to have a single batch file in one location, and the script should be able to work against any folder of your choosing.

Not knowing what your batch file is supposed to do, I can't suggest what your question should be, let alone what the answer might be.

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  • The OP never said that folder1\x.bat, folder2\x.bat, and folder3\x.bat were identical; "it is always the same (x.bat)" could mean simply "they all have the same name". Still, I agree that this is a somewhat odd configuration. – G-Man Says 'Reinstate Monica' Dec 18 '14 at 22:51
  • @G-Man - The code the OP provided copies the same file to each of the directories. I suppose the file could be modified after the copy, but the way the question is presented, it implies the batch is the same in each folder. – dbenham Dec 18 '14 at 22:56

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