Background: I love Chrome, and I love using it for reading the news. However I prefer a lower contrast reading background. When you highlight all the text on a web page, the background goes blue, and the text goes white. This is okay if I need to know it's highlighted but not pleasant for reading. However, if you click in the address bar while the text is highlighted, you get this great black on grey effect which is perfect for me. However, when in that mode, you can't use the keypad to navigate the page, you can only scroll.

So here's my question: How can I change the default highlight in Chrome color from blue to grey?

I posted this on the Chrome dev site years ago but nobody ever answered it, and I gave up (even deleted the link... bit of malaise I guess). I have just discovered superuser, and I bet someone here is up to the task.


There's also this Chrome extension called Highlight Color which does exactly that

And actually looks pretty neat from what I can see from the screenshots.

  • This would solve the issue but wow, it requires access to all data about visited websites... a bit too much IMHO – ccalboni Nov 27 '17 at 10:25
  • Set background color to #f18458 and (foreground) color to #ffffff then you can get the same selected effect in Firefox Ubuntu. – Rick May 30 at 4:10

If you're on a mac, you can change the system highlight color, which will change the color of the highlighting in chrome.

System Preferences > General > Highlight Color

  • This doesn't seem to work anymore. – Erebus May 22 at 13:34

There is now a new and more easy to use chrome extension that does this. Its called Custom Highlight and you can install it here.

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    This is exactly what I've been waiting for! Took me 4 years to find it (I had given up). Thanks! – Wiser2001 Jul 13 at 17:30

I doubt it can be done with a vanilla version of the latest releases of Chrome per this response to a similar question about user stylesheets. You could use a plugin like Stylish. You could then look for a good premade stylesheet or you could make your own.

(The article above says that this isn't supported in Chrome. Ignore that, it works now.)

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