I'm currently using vim via cygwin in conjunction with screen and screen-vim. Screen-vim has SendScreen which takes the entire current buffer and sends it to the attached screen. While this is nice, for my application I really need a line by line solution. Currently I'm using the following mapping:

map <leader>d "kyy<cr>:tabe<cr>"kp<ESC>:ScreenSend<cr>:q<cr>

This does the job but feels kind of wonky. Is there a better solution? I'm specifically looking for something that either opens a buffer so that the user doesn't notice or implements the same functionality in a neater manner.


From the README:

Once you have the shell open, you can then send visual selections to it using the command :ScreenSend.

And from :help screen:


Send the visual selection or the entire buffer contents to the running gnu screen shell window.




  • Guess I was too tired and overlooked this; thanks! – J C Dec 20 '14 at 0:49

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