How do I view the disk usage of all folders in Windows 7? I need to get the same result I would in Linux with the command df -h. I'm mainly interested in seeing which disk and folder is consuming the most storage space. What command can do this?

  • Can't you check it with KDirStat?
    – Davidenko
    Dec 19, 2014 at 14:30

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I like WinDirStat. It gives a graphical representation of file sizes and it is easy to quickly see at a glance where and what is using the most space. enter image description here


There are several "tools" available that provide detailed information regarding folders and their contents. There's a list here. However, the one I like is called DiskPie.


Try a program called GlaryUtillities, if you go to the advanced tab you should see a little program called Disk Explorer which lets you see what is taking up the most disk space and the percentage of every file and folder. Hope this helps.

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