I'm using Windows 7 build-in backup & recovery tool and have scheduled it to automatically create a system backup each week. So far so good

There you have two options on how many different backups WIndows should keep:

enter image description here

Both are unsatisfying because

  • With option 1: The backup folder will grow tremendously over time
  • With option 2: A single backup is not enough. At least 2 backups should be kept

Can I change this behavior somehow so Windows will keep 2 backups? Maybe via registry?

PS: If I use a normal scheduled task and command line, will the Windows recovery tool see and list this recovery if I'm in recovery mode?


There doesn't seem to be a way of limiting it on the same drive.

My suggestion is that you partition your hard drive, point the back up to the new partition.

If you have a 1Tb drive, create a partition of 150Gb (so now you have a primary partition of 850Gb, and a secondary of 150Gb). Then format the secondary partition, and let windows assign it a letter.

This seems pretty clear:


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