My scenario: House with 2 floors.

1st floor equipment:

  • ONT (fixed on this floor) - with four ports - three for IPTV and one for Internet
  • Netgear Switch GS105E
  • NAS (fixed)
  • Computer (fixed)

2nd floor:

  • NetGear Switch GS108E
  • WiFi Router Linksys E4200
  • Settop box (fixed)
  • Smart TV with LAN cable connection (fixed)
  • Computer (fixed)

There is only one cable between the floors and there is no option to install another one.
My goal is to have STB receiving signal from ONT-IPTV and computers/NAS sharing Internet connection.
I'm absolut newbie in NW, but I thought following setup could work:
1st floor switch ports:

  1. Trunk cable - cable between floors
  2. ONT - IPTV
  3. ONT - Internet
  4. NAS
  5. Computer

2nd floor switch ports:

  1. Trunk cable
  2. STB
  3. Router WAN
  4. TV
  5. Computer
  6. Router LAN

VLAN config is the same for both floors (except 06/07/08 ports for the 1st floor):
VLAN ID | Port members: 01 | 01 02 02 | 01 03 03 | 01 04 05 06 07 08 Port 1 is marked as Tagged.

I thought this will do the magic, but I'm apparently doing something wrong. Internet is running fine, but TV is not.

Please help me to find a way..

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Are 10base-t speeds acceptable for your needs? If so, perhaps a CAT5 Y splitter may solve your problem?

CAT5 Y splitters let you connect 2 computers to 2 switch ports on your 10Mbps switch or hub through a single CAT5 patch cable. This is accomplished by utilizing a pair of normally unused wires found inside standard CAT5 Ethernet cables. It's like doubling a 10BASE-T network connection without pulling a new cable!Used in pairs, one adapter combines two 10BASE-T data signals at the wall jack; both signals are carried through one CAT5 network cable and a second adapter separates the signals allowing two connections at your 10Mbps hub or switch.

  • Thanks, I'll use this approach as it seems ONT is blocking packets from different MAC, but one from settobox.
    – kafe
    Commented May 28, 2015 at 9:46

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