Upgrading SecureCRT from version 5.2 to 6.3, the behavior of the application in the Windows 7 taskbar changed so that clicking on the application icon brings up a list of each individual tab that is open, rather than a list of the windows that are open. As I keep a very large number of SCRT tabs open, this is horrible. Is there a way to get back the behavior of 5.2, where the taskbar brought up windows, not tabs?


The article SecureCRT 6.5 and Windows 7 Taskbar may relate to this problem :

To disable Aero Peek functionality within SecureCRT, follow these steps (assuming you're running SecureCRT 6.5 Official release or later):

Browse to the location of the SecureCRT configuration folder as displayed in Global Options, General, Configuration folder.

Close all instances of SecureCRT (and SecureFX, if you're running both apps on the same system with an integrated configuration).

Edit the Global.ini file and change the following line From:

    D:"Disable Aero Peek"=00000000


    D:"Disable Aero Peek"=00000001

Save your changes to the Global.ini file and start SecureCRT.

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