I just bought a Chromecast and unfortunately it requires at least three devices:

  1. The Chromecast
  2. A device to control the Chromecast (in my case a tablet)
  3. A Wi-Fi router

I was wondering if there is a solution/app where I can setup a virtual router on my Android device that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal but can also emulate a network connection between said router and the Android device, cutting out the need for a physical Wi-Fi router.

I know I can create hotspot with my mobile and use that as a router but I think its a bit clunky and not ideal for streaming.

  • I guess I am not sure what you asking here... WiFi hotspot is EXACTLY what you are looking for, it turns an android phone into a wireless router. If using hotspot is "clunky and not ideal" then how else do you propose to connect or what do you want to connect to? EDIT: Nevermind, I just noticed this question was over a year old. – acejavelin May 16 '16 at 2:13

You just need a DLNA app. my favourite is BubbleUpnp . Start Hotspot on Android. connect Cromecast to it. open BubbleUpnp on android. select Cromecast from Local Renderer. play anything from Local Library. done...

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