When you run a search and replace on visual-line selected text, it shows this :'<,'>s/foo/bar

Is it possible to get it to show line numbers instead of <>?


You can create a mapping to do this

xnoremap : :<c-u><c-r>=line("'<")<cr>,<c-r>=line("'>")<cr>

When you hit : in visual mode it will delete the '<,'> that is normally put there with <c-u>. Then it will insert the line number for the '< and '> marks separated by a comma. It does this with


where <c-r>= opens the expression register which allows you to type in an arbitrary expression and insert the result.

I don't recommend using this since it makes it almost impossible to repeat the visual selection command on a new region, since the history will now have line numbers instead of the marks. The line numbers can't change between invocations but the marks can.

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My CmdlineSpecialEdits plugin has (among many others) a CTRL-G ' mapping that changes symbolic ranges like '<,'> to the actual line numbers (e.g. 3,42), and vice versa. It also corrects addressing out of bounds (<= 0 and larger than the last line number) and backwards ranges.

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