Is there a way to open gitbash from within atom text editor. I want to have gitbash or other command line client in one of the panes.


Install https://atom.io/packages/terminal-plus

Then in package options

Shell Override: C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe

Shell Arguments: -l -i

Use git >= 2.7.3 for windows, bash starts up much faster.


You can do this using the PlatformIO IDE Terminal, with these settings:

Shell Override: C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe

Shell Arguments: --login


Yes we can!

You can also search "terminal-status" in your atom package manager.

Do remember to restart atom for terminal status to begin working. Happy Coding!


(Windows 10, terminal-plus v0.14.5 package, atom v1.8.0, git-bash, these quoted parts from the linked discussion work cleanly for me (original source: https://github.com/jeremyramin/terminal-plus/issues/117):

Git Bash opens in new window on Windows (terminal-plus issue #117)

matthewcanty (2015-12-03): The default terminal is Powershell, but I want it to be Git Bash. I have set Shell Override to C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe but this opens in a new window.

matthewcanty (2015-12-03, later answering & closing his own question):

Shell Override: C:\Program Files\Git\bin\sh.exe
Shell Arguments: --login

Another option is https://atom.io/packages/open-terminal-here

Once installed, update the package settings:

Command: "C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe"


You can do this using Nuclide Terminal, with these settings in $HOME/.nuclide-terminal.json

  "command": [
    "C:\\Program Files\\Git\\git-cmd.exe",
    "--command=usr/bin/bash.exe -l -i"

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