I'd like to have a sort of doomsday backup, so that even if I somehow lose everything, I at least know what I need to replace. Tips for other music players welcome as well.


In Banshee you can create a smart playlist which contains all the music in your library (for example with the condition: file size more than 0 bytes) then right click on the playlist, choose export playlist, and you can save the playlist in .m3u format.


See: /home/YOUR USERNAME/.config/banshee/ -> There you'll find the database all titles are saved in (included ratings, etc). It's recommended to save the whole dir, because there are plugins/settings as well.

  • This should be accepted answer since it provides a comprehensive backup instead of a single m3u playlist. – a coder Aug 15 '17 at 15:01

I'm using this temporary solution, which only works on libraries that are well-organized on the file/folder level:

ls library/*/* >> fulllist

Where each directory under library is structured as artist/album/song.

This will store a list of ALBUMS (not individual songs) in fulllist. If you want songs, change library/*/* to library/*/*/* You may have to tweak this depending on how your library is structured. Mine is library/format/artist/album/song.

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