Have 2 iMacs, one running 10.10.1, the other 10.4.11. My old Nook can be plugged into either, and I can drag-and-drop my epubs onto my Nook. Just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. No longer able to drag-and-drop with new device. Uploaded some epubs through Dropbox, and then downloaded them to the Galaxy. Problem is they end up in the Galaxy's Dropbox folder. I can open the files to read them, but I am unable to transfer them to the Nooks library. If I download dozens of books, I am unable to sort through them by title/author etc. with the Nook, and am forced to scroll through them in the Dropbox folder every time I want to read a book.

Is there any way to have the Galaxy actually show up on the iMac, so I can drag-and-drop the epubs into it. If not, is there a way to transfer the downloaded epub files from the Dropbox folder into the Nook reader, so I can actually use the reader to search for and organize my epubs. Or should I just return the Galaxy and get an iPad?? Any help is appreciated


I've had success getting all kinds of media moved between Mac and Android using Airdroid. I don't have a Nook so I'm not sure what folder would work best but you can choose where to drop the files on your Galaxy. I've had mixed results using Google's Android File Transfer but that's another option you can look into.


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