I'm running Windows Vista SP2 64-bit, but it was SP1 when I bought the laptop. It came with Windows Media Center, but I originally found no use for it, so I deleted the shortcut.

Now I DO want to use it, and I can't find it anywhere. However, when I insert a DVD, the option to play it with Windows Media Center will appear, and it will launch Windows Media Center, so I must still have it on my system somewhere.

My question is, where? Is there an easy way to just run the program using the Run window?


Media center is located at :


Create a new shortcut to that and it should work fine... You can then move it to the start menu or wherever you want.


You can create the shortcut with:

Location: %SystemRoot%\ehome\ehshell.exe
Name: Windows Media Center

When the shortcut is finished, in its Properties you can add

Start in: %SystemRoot%\ehome

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