I am a begginer to AwesomeWM and can't figure out how to resize my firefox window. I can resize terminal windows with Mod4 + H/L but no matter what I do, firefox and my PDF reader are stuck running in full screen mode. When I add terminals to the workspace they will only appear in front of or behind the firefox window.


Your Firefox window is very likely maximized or floating - you'll notice it by special characters like ↔ or ↕ at the start of the window title in the first case. Try toggling maximization with Mod4-m.


I had the same problem but toggling the maximization did not help so i found out via Documentation that the arrows symbolize horizontal and vertical maximisation so i wrote this keyboard shortcut

  awful.key({ modkey, "Shift" }, "m",
function (c)
  c.maximized = false
end ,
{description = "demaximize", group = "client"})

now i can Press

and it solved the issue everytime i got this two arrows

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