I have a Sony VAIO laptop which is giving me blue screen problem from some days. I thought it might be because of corrupted Operating system, so I refereshed the operating system installation but the problem persists.

Following are the details about my system's hardware and software.

 Manufacturer: Sony
 Model: PCG-71311L Sony VAIO
 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz(4CPUs), ~2.3GHz
 Memory: 4096MB RAM
 BIO: BIOS Date: 09/23/09 11:58:43 Version: 08.00.10
 System Model: VPCEB2AFD
 Display Name: Intel (R) HD Graphics
 Chip Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i5)
 Approx. Total Memory: 1751MB
 HDD : 300 GB Western Digital

 Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate - SP1, 64bit
 Direct X 11.

I also note something, that when the computer isn't connected to the internet, it often doesn't cause problem, the blue screen comes only when its connected to the internet. Now it may be by chance, or it may be the reason.

The Problem details it shows after recovering from the blue screen are as follows

    Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:   BlueScreen
  OS Version:   6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:    1033

Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:   124
  BCP1: 0000000000000000
  BCP2: FFFFFA80069E1028
  BCP3: 00000000BE000000
  BCP4: 0000000000800400
  OS Version:   6_1_7601
  Service Pack: 1_0
  Product:  256_1

Files that help describe the problem:
  C:\Users\Moon computer\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-28376-0.sysdata.xml

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Any help will be appreciated, Thank You all in advance.

  • I suggest you install two softwares an Antivirus and a System Optimizer app my preference is System Mechanic other alternatives are fine too. Work with this two and first scan your computer for viruses and then do a clean up of pc, registery, ram. If the problem persists after these all tell us. Last choice is reinstalling windows – TechLife Jan 4 '15 at 12:28
  • Check for warning/error entries in the (system) logs. Right click My computer, select Manage and find it in there. – Hannu Jan 4 '15 at 14:03
  • A registry cleaner? no better way to make your pc unusable. – Moab Jan 4 '15 at 17:43
  • Try Bluescreenview, it may give a clue to what is responsible for the crash – Moab Jan 4 '15 at 17:44
  • upload this file to get more help: C:\Windows\Minidump\010415-14866-01.dmp – magicandre1981 Jan 5 '15 at 6:10

Blue screen occurs when there is a file corruption(bad sector or software bug) or Hardware problem happens to prevent data loss or hardware damage.

In this case that you mentioned, Hardware issue is mostly probable.

check these conditions:

  • when it shows blue screen, is the bottom of your LP hot or too warm?

  • is your CPU Fan working properly?

  • is there a short circuit in your Ethernet Cable or inside its socket?

    (if not using Wi-Fi)

  • have you ever tried running windows on Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking (By PressingF8 before windows startup) and testing the functionality?

  • Does your problem occurs when using your LP heavily or sth?

  • dear FRIENDS after uninstalling some software i.e, IDM and Vedio palyer , now the problem doesn't appear yet. – Danish nil Jan 4 '15 at 19:21
  • :) I'm glad so! – Sdghasemi Jan 5 '15 at 5:00
  • but dear i need to run these software so what should be the alternative....???? – Danish nil Jan 5 '15 at 6:01
  • Actually i don't think IDM Could cause a problem, cause i have installed it on my system and its working just fine (However you can update it if it's old ver. or use a previous stable one). I think the most probable case is your video player cause it wanna use your GPU, and there might be an issue with your GPU driver or your player. my suggestion is to update your GPU driver or use a better stable Video Player (i.e KMPlayer which is free). hope it'll help you! – Sdghasemi Jan 5 '15 at 6:38
  • Dear problem i am again facing blue screen problem.. – Danish nil Jan 5 '15 at 16:43

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