I am running OSX and I have 3 monitors. In Mission Control, I have all 3 monitors to be their own Space. So each monitor has a toolbar at the top. Only one monitor has my dock on it (obviously). I will call that my primary monitor.

Every time I open Excel, via opening the application on the dock, or starting it from Applications folder, or double-clicking an Excel file, the Excel window ALWAYS opens on my primary monitor. I never ever opens anywhere else.

Even if I double-click an Excel file on a different monitor, it opens back on the primary monitor. Every time.

Even if I open an Excel window, then move it to a different monitor, THEN open a different file or ever create a new file, the new window opens back on the primary monitor. I would have expected it open in the current monitor where I am currently working...

Is is possible to change this behavior?


Option Click or LONG click the icon on your dock, select Options then choose the display to always Assign To.

Hope this helps!

Dock Options

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