I'm on a Mac running Yosemite. I installed Homebrew, then used Homebrew to install node. (npm comes with node).

I then ran

> npm install -g morkdown

I now have which morkdown returning /usr/local/bin/morkdown which is a symbolic link pointing to /usr/local/lib/node_modules/morkdown/bin/morkdown.js, which is executable.

However, when I launch morkdown via:

> morkdown great_american_novel.md

I get the chrome app launched and the input and output accepting plain text and generating HTML properly, but I get no CSS themes and everything is just blank black on white with no styling whatsoever.

What is the right forum for me to post this question so that I can get timely help? The GitHub Issues page?


You should be notifying the developers of an issue through the morkdown Github issues page.

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