As you can see in "How can I get Excel's undo/redo functionality to work in a more traditional *per window* manner (and not for the entire instance of Excel)?", I expect when I open separate instances of Excel I have separate undo-redo lists, but in my MS Excel 2013 x64 (running in Win7 x64), all of the undo-redo(s) are in one list.

The first idea, coming to mind, is I am wrong and they are not different instances, though I am executing MS Excel from start -> all programs -> Microsoft office 2013 -> Excel 2013; then, the question is how should I create multiple instances of MS Excel?

Note that I cannot find the target of the shortcut files of MS Excel when I check right click -> properties -> shortcut. It also is not found in neither of program files(x86 or x64) -> microsoft -> office...

Does anyone have any idea to solve this?


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NOTE: The following answer was obtained from this blog post: Opening workbooks by running separate instances of Excel

How to create multiple instances of Microsoft Ecel 2013 (it may or may not work with older versions):

  1. Open Excel either through the Start menu or Run command (Win+R"excel"Enter)

  2. Hold the Alt key and right click on the Excel icon in the taskbar and click on Excel 2013 while still holding down Alt
    Excel - context menu

  3. When you are greeted with this prompt, choose Yes Excel - multiple instances

Alternative Method

  1. Press Win+R"excel /x"Enter


If you double click an excel-file (without ALT) and immediately afterwards hold down alt, Excel will also popup the question "Do you want to start a new instance".

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