This answer regarding formatting on date time information Excel 2010 Conditional Formatting - TIME is a very, very technical answer that, in truth, I don't really understand! Hey-ho, I can deal with my ignorance....

However, this answer is also very exciting as it begins to prove there is a formulaic answer to my excel conditional formatting question;

How would i highlight a column of cells, holding date and time format (e.g.; Mon 22/10/2014 17:34) to pick out the times that are a) Monday to Friday, and b) between a given time period (e.g.; 15:00-15:45)?

  • Welcome to Super User. What have you attempted so far? Are the cells actually formatted as date/time or is it text? – CharlieRB Jan 8 '15 at 17:47

Look up Time & Date functions in the Excel help.

Example: WEEKDAY() will take a date and give back a numeric value, representing the number of days from monday (or sunday=1... sat=7, if you set the second argument to 1 instead of 0).

Additionally TEXT() will allow to pick out portions of a "date & time" (using the same syntax as custom formatting),
so the Formula to use for conditional formatting may be put this way (based on cell A1):


HTH to get you further

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