Suppose I have cell value 0.465 and I want to display it in the spreadsheet in green as +46.5 if it is positive and -46.5 if it is negative. I have applied the following format


but MS Excel changes this format to [Green]+#.000%;[Red]-#.000% and displays the value as +046%. I have tried other formats without success. Any ideas?

  • MS Office Professional 2010 (Excel v14.0.7128)
  • Libre/OpenOffice is not an option.

I have tested this on Excel 2013:


NOTE: actually my excel is in another language with different decimal separator, so it looks like this:


but I assume yours use the dot as decimal.

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  • Thanks! You reply actually spotted the problem: in my environment the decimal separator is also , but I was totally misled by pre-cooked build-in custom formats. And yes, quoting signs originally didn't help – I've tried that as well. – dma_k Jan 9 '15 at 14:33

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