I swear that I don't have any bad Intentions, I just want to know the reason.

In the below you can see an alert that this website returns when I do a right-click on the Images :

enter image description here

I want to re-enable the right-click, so I opened Inspect Element (The same Developer tool in Firefox) and I searched for the alert words ("This photo is copyrighted") in the .js files :

enter image description here

When I change this lines and save them, the message in the alert changes to that sentences that I wrote instead of "This photo is copyrighted".

The question is, "Why when I remove whole the contents of this .js file, the alert remain active with the last sentence that I wrote there?"

I mean who I can re-enable the right-click?

Note that I don't want to download it, (I already can! Using Page info --> Media in Firefox, or the link of image in inspect element codes.) I just want to know how I can re-enable it!

And note that I don't want to Disable Java Scripts, because Java Script codes load the image.

  • Why done vote?! – Abraham Jan 11 '15 at 12:03

You can enable/disable JavaScript temporarily for that page through Chrome Dev Tools. For Chrome, the keyboard shortcut to open Dev Tools is F12, to reach the Settings panel is F1 & here you'll find the checkbox to Disable JavaScript in the General section. You can toggle the checkbox as needed to enable or disable JavaScript

enter image description here

  • As I said in the question, I don't want to disable JavaScript! because the image loads with java script. and if I disable the java script, I can't load the image in my browser. You can test it yourself. the site is 1x.com. disabling Java Script after of loading the image can't help also! – Abraham Jan 12 '15 at 13:18

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