i have an adsl modem and a broadband connection I have set up my emulator as mentioned in this post like so:


but i still am not able to connect to the internet

i have two adapters set up in the VM

1)the host adapter 2) as NAT but i cant figure out what adapter type is to be set for the nat

Kindly help i also tried to set up the 2nd adapter as a bridge adapter but that did not work

all i want is to connect to the internet via the emulator and also from my pc browser


I was facing the same problem of not getting connected to internet with my Genymotion installed in Ubuntu 15.04 and the virtual device that I was using was Google Nexus 5-5.1.0-API 22-1080*1920. My regular internet connection through for the desktop machine is through a cable connected broadband.

And in Virtual Box > Settings > Network > Adapter 2 > it was just the default configuration, that is "Attached To" was "NAT" and "Cable Connected" was checked.

So, after launching the virtual device Google Nexus 5-5.1.0-API 22-1080*1920 > I just went into Settings > Wi-Fi > Let it select the IP automatically > After that just click on Done > and now I am connected to internet

  • That didn't work for me on mac osx behind a firewall. firewall settings are correct, WiredSSID reports as connected, but browser times out when connecting to any web page. – Mike S. Mar 18 '16 at 19:40

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