Anyone knows if installing a SSD drive can speed up Cygwin in Windows?

Cygwin is essential to my daily work and for some reason I cannot switch to Linux. But the slowness of Cygwin really bugs me. I'm wondering if I should invest a SSD to gain productivity.

For example, compiling a LaTeX file is very slow compared to the speed under Linux. Starting ipython is noticeable slow too, similar to R and octave prompts. Updating plugins in vim using vim-plug is slow, etc, etc.

  • in what way is Cygwin slow? You say you cant switch to Linux, what about a Linux VM?
    – Keltari
    Jan 13, 2015 at 18:24

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While a SSD will increase the overall speed of you machine, will it increase the speed of Cygwin? Probably. Reading from and writing to the disk will be much faster. This means compiling your LaTex files will be faster. How much? Hard to say.

IMO, a SSD is a good investment if you want to increase speed on any disk related activity.

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