I have a MS Word document which has some images and text. Some of the images are of bitmap image object types. When i copy them and try to paste them in any editor say gmail compose editor they are not rendered. Other images are being copied and rendered. Is there some way i can convert those bitmap image objects to jpg or png inside Word. One way i found was to copy the bitmap image and use Paste Special and then choose a format like jpg or png. Is there an easier way? Or is there some way i can convert all bitmap images in the document to png? I am using MS- Word 2010. Thanks

  1. Save your file in .docx format, if you haven't already.
  2. Rename foobar.docx to foobar.zip.
  3. Open the zip file, and browse to the word/media folder.  Your images should appear there as distinct files, which you can then copy out.

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