How can I find the total memory usage of all processes (including child processes) with PPID of 1. For a program like nginx/httpd which forks several child processes, ps/top gives the memory usage of each process separately. I want to know the total memory usage of nginx/apache instead of the individual child processes.


If you want something interactive, try :

atop - launch it and press 'm' (memory usage) and 'p' (group by process name).

If you want something scriptable, there's something a bit like the below - although it's not doing quite what you've asked for (PPID 1), but you can group based on e.g. process name using awk -

ps -eo pmem,vsize,cmd | grep -v '\[' | awk 'NR>2{mem[$3]+=$2}END {for(k in mem) print k " " mem[k]/1024000};' | sort -gk 2 | tail -n 10

There's probably some clever way to filter on ppid with the ps... but I'm too stupid to figure it out quickly.

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  • Also, pressing 'a' will show all processes, instead of just active ones. – LHLaurini Jan 13 at 17:52

On a distro using systemd, systemd-cgls should show memory usage per service. Doesn't always obtain the information though.

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  • Thanks. The server is running CentOS 6, so there is no systemd. I have added the centos-6 tag to the question. – Joyce Babu Jan 18 '15 at 5:51

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