When running a remote process on Filezilla, such as deleting files/folders or changing permissions, it expands and shows each file and folder it recurses through as it processes them. This is a problem if it's recursing through dozens of folders and the UI keeps scrolling down as the folders open. When I scroll up to view other files/folders, it jumps down to the most recently opened folder by the current process. It essentially monopolizes the view of the remote files/folders. How do I prevent it from jumping down to the folders being opened or from showing the folders that it's processing in the first place?



The FTP protocol doesn't support recursive functions like deleting directories with content. Filezilla has to

  1. Get list of files and subdirectories.
  2. Remove all files.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for every subdirectory.
  4. Remove the (now empty) directory.

Some FTP servers do support removing non-empty directories, but Filezilla doesn't even try to do this because it is not a documented function.

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