I realize that questions about Vim colorschemes have been asked quite frequently, but I believe I've tried the advice in all of them and I can't quite seem to get my colorschemes to work. That being said, my question is as follows:

How do I get Vim (when run from Linux Mint (Ubuntu Version) 17 default terminal) to display the proper colorscheme of my choosing? Currently, when using a colorscheme such as Twilight, I should be seeing something like this (picture taken in Sublime):


However, I'm seeing this, running in the default Mint terminal:


I've tried to modify my .vimrc to have set t_Co=256, but that doesn't seem to have any effect. Additionally, my $TERM is also set to xterm-256color, as has been suggested. Neither of those things seem to be making a difference. Does anyone know where else I could be making a mistake?


  • From @nlu: Looks to me as if your language is not recognized. What happens if you force the language for the syntax with: :setf C ? – fixer1234 Jan 31 '15 at 20:35

I solved a similar problem by adding this to my ~/.vimrc file:

set t_Co=256

But if that doesn't work you can also try adding these two lines too:

let &t_AB="\e[48;5;%dm"
let &t_AF="\e[38;5;%dm"
  • Please make sure you read the question carefully when answering, as it specifically mentions that trying this didn't work. – 8bittree Nov 13 '15 at 16:16

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