My Chrome recently updated and now there's a new profile switcher thingie and I don't think I like it.

enter image description here

Can I remove it?


Chrome recently launched a new update to the profile switching UI on desktop Chrome. Here are some of the potential advantages of the new UI:

  • Improved profile experience for multiple people sharing the same computer
  • Guest mode on desktop Chrome, increasing your privacy when you let a friend on your computer
  • More visible sign-in indication and transparency into browser state

Chrome says "There’s still polishing left to do, and we’re working hard to satisfy as many workflows as possible."

Profile switching takes longer?

If you're finding that profile switching now takes an extra action, there are some opportunities. On mac and ubuntu-unity, you can switch profiles via the “People” menu in the toolbar in two clicks. Chrome indicates there are more improvements on the way for all platforms, but a fix for now is enabling the fast-user-switching flag in Chrome experiments:

  1. Go to chrome://flags
  2. Search for enable-fast-user-switching
  3. Enable this flag, and restart your browser

This will put a list of profiles in the drop-down menu.

Yellow triangle next to profile name?

enter image description here

If you're seeing a yellow triangle next to your profile name, then it means there's an error in the Account Sync. Click into it and you can re-authenticate with your password so that Chrome is signed in with your Google account. (There's a few benefits of that) That will take care of the yellow triangle and get your Chrome back to a happy state.

  • +1 for explaining the yellow triangle which I first saw today even though the little menu has been there for a while now. – hippietrail Apr 18 '15 at 10:20

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