I have two Linux Mint 16 MATE boxes connected. One has the "Share Folder..." right-click menu item in Caja, and the other does not. How do I get it?


After installing caja-share, the menu item shows as Sharing Options rather than Share Folder... as on the other machine. Both are Linux Mint 16 w/ MATE and Caja version 1.6.2. What is the difference?

Also one machine already had access to the other before I started trying to share the other way. The share that is 'working' is listed in the Location: as smb://pcname/user-pcname/ so it looks like a samba share. And the files' owner, group and permissions are all unknown.

When I try to put in a smb://<etc> location on the other machine, I get a login box that always rejects my password. The original connection that is open never asked for a password. I prefer not to have to put in a password all the time.

Very confused. Please help.

  • did you figure this out? I also had the "Share Folder..." option in the past, and have a folder shared, but the option no longer exists. – endolith Sep 27 '16 at 0:11
  • maybe the original menu item was from having nautilus-share installed? I installed caja-share and now there's a "Sharing Options" that does the same thing. – endolith Sep 27 '16 at 0:24

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