I know that has a lot of topic like this, I've tried them a lot as well but my problem is not solved. My laptop has Core i3 and I used to use VBox just a few days before. When RAM got up to 99% my laptop crashed. I had to restart and now I cannot run VB again although VT-x is enabled and Hyper-V is disabled.

Acceleration tab is disabled:

Acceleration tab greyed out

Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!


Try following steps:

  1. Reset BIOS to defaults.
  2. Boot to Windows.
  3. If VT-x is disabled in BIOS, enable it.

Some BIOS-es have bugs that cause features to become unavailable after crash, despite being enabled. Re-enabling them requires some voodoo. Resetting BIOS is usually effective, as it erases entire bios settings memory, including "crash memory".

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