I have a fairly simple batch script that I would like to execute using a macro on my fancy gaming keyboard. However, SteelSeries Engine only supports opening a .exe file with the macro buttons. Is there any way to convert the script into a simple executable?


Yes, actually. It's not pretty, but it's clean (nothing to clean up afterwards) and it's actually built-in to your system!

In your C:\Windows\System32\ folder, there is a file called iexpress.exe.

  • Right-click it an Run as administrator.
  • Create a new SED and select "Extract files and run an installation command."
  • Add the script you want, and make sure that on the next screen, you set the install program to cmd /c [your_script.bat] where [your_script.bat] is the script file you want to execute. If you don't do this, windows will try to use Command.com (the old version of Command Prompt) which hasn't been in use for quite a while.
  • Select preferences (you might need to select "Store files using Long File Name inside Package), set an output path (to the .exe file you want to create), and select "No restart".
  • Click next and you should have your .exe!

Just a note, this file actually only acts as a wrapper for your script, and the script itself actually gets executed in a temp folder created on execution (and deleted afterwards), so make sure you don't use any relative paths.

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    Unfortunately, our enterprise AV noticed that the resulting executable was a "Cabinet Self-Extractor" and flagged it as malicious activity. – kmote Dec 27 '17 at 19:14
  • @kmote me too. they asked me about it once before because it probably came up in a report and I explained what it is, this time around they just deleted it without asking. – Zero Jul 17 '18 at 1:21

Here are 2 free programs that I highly recommend for creating EXE's out of batch files

1 - Bat To Exe Converter

2 - Bat 2 Exe

You can use both programs with simple GUI.

Bat To Exe Converter supports also CLI commands (\? flag for help). Basic example from documentation:

Bat_To_Exe_Converter.exe -bat mybatfile.bat -save myprogram.exe -icon myicon

If your keyboard software supports the passing of arguments to the executable (which is not improbable) you don't have to.

cmd.exe /c <path to batchfile>

would run the batch file, and give you a valid executable to name for the keyboard software. No conversion needed means you can always easily make changes to your bat without additional steps required.


I found this article which shows you how to convert a .bat to .exe file using a batch-scipt:

ECHO Written by: Jason Faulkner
ECHO SysadminGeek.com

REM Usage:
REM MakeExeFromBat BatFileToConvert [IncludeFile1] [IncludeFile2] [...]
REM Required Parameters:
REM  BatFileToConvert
REM      Source batch file to use to produce the output Exe file.
REM Optional Parameters:
REM  IncludeFile
REM      Additional files to include in the Exe file.
REM      You can include external tools used by the batch file so they are available on the executing machine.


REM Configuration (no quotes needed):
SET PathTo7Zip=

REM ---- Do not modify anything below this line ----

SET OutputFile="%~n1.exe"
SET SourceFiles="%TEMP%MakeEXE_files.txt"
SET Config="%TEMP%MakeEXE_config.txt"
SET Source7ZFile="%Temp%MakeEXE.7z"

REM Remove existing files
IF EXIST %OutputFile% DEL %OutputFile%

REM Build source archive
ECHO "%~dpnx1" > %SourceFiles%
IF {%2}=={} GOTO EndInclude
ECHO "%~dpnx2" >> %SourceFiles%
GOTO AddInclude
"%PathTo7Zip%7za.exe" a %Source7ZFile% @%SourceFiles%

REM Build config file
ECHO ;!@Install@!UTF-8! > %Config%
ECHO RunProgram="%~nx1" >> %Config%
ECHO ;!@InstallEnd@! >> %Config%

COPY /B "%PathTo7Zip%7zsd.sfx" + %Config% + %Source7ZFile% %OutputFile%

REM Clean up
IF EXIST %SourceFiles% DEL %SourceFiles%
IF EXIST %Config% DEL %Config%
IF EXIST %Source7ZFile% DEL %Source7ZFile%


Important downloads:

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