I'm running weechat(1.0.1) in a tmux(1.6) session on my Raspberry Pi (Raspbian[Linux 3.12.28+ armv6l GNU/Linux]). One of these two breaks screen updates. When running weechat by itself it works fine and no other software that I have found suffer from this issue. Nano for example works fine within tmux.

Ctrl+L or resizing of terminal seems to refresh the screen once.

I have no clue what causes this or where to start debugging.

I've tried purging and reinstalling both programs as well as completely removing the settings files from them both.


Apearantly i had export TERM=xterm-256color in my bashrc file. Changing this to export TERM=screen-256color-bce solved it.

Apearantly weechat doesn't like xterm.

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