How can I find a buffer in vimscript when I have an absolute path, and as you know vim buffer names can be relative path? Is there a function for that?

  • "related path" -> you mean "relative path"? – akira Jan 25 '15 at 19:37

The bufnr() function can find buffers (and return its number). Like bufname(), this can take the queried buffer name in several forms (cp. :help bufname()):

  A full match is preferred, otherwise a match at the start, end
  or middle of the buffer name is accepted.  If you only want a
  full match then put "^" at the start and "$" at the end of the

So, one example would be

:echo bufnr('^C:\path\to\file.txt$')

Also, you can convert between relative and absolute paths via the fnamemodify() function.

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