I understand there are tons of utilities to synch files accross drives and folders, but i can't find any that do what i need. Specifically, i have:

  • My home computer local storage
  • My dropbox folder on my home computer, used primarily for backup
  • My USB flash drive
  • My files on the network in school

All the files are in 4 folders in each of these places called "School stuff".

Obviously any time i edit a file in any of these places i need to remember to manually copy the file over into the other 3 places - i want this to all synch up automatically at the soonest possible moment. The problem is, getting my USB flash drive to synch with the schools network folder when i insert it into a school computer.

I don't have permissions to install anything on the school computers, i do however have permissions to run an executable file.

In school, Microsoft Groove is installed which i tried to get working to do what i want, but it won't let me do anything from directly off a removable drive.

Is there any way i can get everything to synch up despite the limitations? I was thinking perhaps there is a program i could have as a standalone executable on my USB drive that will synchronise the folders when i run it. Of course any other solution is good too.


Try the portable version of Toucan.


What you need is portable rsync that will work on Windows.
(compatibility with Linux/Unix would help someday).

If you need to take rsync command line on USB flash drive to synchronize directories, you just install cwRync and get the following files: rsync.exe, cygwin1.dll and cygz.dll
This allows you to synchronize local directories (not in network).
check the example on that kioskea.net link

  • +1 because, despite i'm not going to use it, it looks like a viable solution as well as being good for any linux folk who are looking to do this.
    – Dmatig
    Dec 24 '09 at 2:02

Instead of maintaining 4 separate copies of your data, why not store it all in one place online using something like Google Docs or one of the online backup sites?

  • Because i'm extraordinarily paranoid about everything, especially school work. If i don't have 437 backups, i feel insecure. I forgot about google docs however, i'm definitely going to look into it as an alternative backup solution.
    – Dmatig
    Dec 24 '09 at 2:03

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