In OneNote options I've set a particular default font. Then I selected all text in a particular notebook section and change it to the new font. However, whenever I insert a new line in that existing body of text, it reverts to a font that isn't my default. Almost as if the incorrect "style" information is somehow embedded in the existing text, even though the text itself is the correct font.

How can I resolve this?


This issue happens only in the existing text box (I define 'text box' to be that box which is created whenever you click on an empty area of the page - a box where you can start typing).

While editing/typing in an existing text box, if you would have changed the default font, the above problem is observed.

In order to solve this:

  1. Click on the empty space in the same page. A new text box is created.
  2. Copy the contents of the old box to this new box. If you hit enter (next line), the changed default font is always applied.
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A temporary solution until Microsoft fixes this bug is just to click "Clear All Formatting" (or Ctrl + Shift + N) and then continue on your work. I found that it makes the font whatever you set it to as the default. Hope this helps!

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See this reply from a user on the Microsoft TechNet forums: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/onenote/thread/7d54d268-53a1-42bc-b184-9d67d5b06298?prof=required

"I've had this sort of problem too (OneNote is imagining fonts that aren't actually there). I'm pretty sure it will be fixed before the final 2010 release. Given The down key doesn't work in OneNote most of the time when using fixed width fonts, it seems like there are significant font-related problems... and since I was told that the fixed width font issue was already fixed in an unreleased version, hopefully the other issues are fixed too.

A quick fix would be to just use the font OneNote seems to want you to use. That's what I'm doing (though I really miss my fixed width fonts!!). Also, I've not had the magic font issue with the 2007 notebook formats."

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