I am just trying to figure a way to get the frequency of occurrence of a number within a large array, not the freq of the number in the array belonging to a range. Eg, how many times does the number 38 appear in the array below.

6   14  29  30  45
    19      38  49

3   15  29  33  41
6   17      35  44
    19      38  47

Is there a formula I can use? I have the numbers in separate columns which I am not able to paste here; they also have blank cells in between - should they be in contiguous cells? My array is large and has to do with a number of weekly payments.

Going by what I read on frequency formula tips on the blog I am a rudimentary user of excel. Appreciate your help.


To count the number of "38" in your array:

If you have the numbers in cells A1:A10, the formula is =COUNTIF(A1:A10,38)

It should not matter if you have blanks in between as long as they are, in fact, blank.


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