I have a video which is a matroska file (mkv). I wish to DRM protect the video to stop users from re-encoding the video or editing it.

Meaning original video gets DRM: user can download video, watch, delete but when using a program to re-encode they cannot.

The main question is, is this achievable? And if so has anyone had a chance to do this?


In order for a video file to be protected with DRM, then it must have a participating video player that controls what the recipient can do with the file.

The video player will check whether the recipient has a license to play the video, and if so, decrypt and play the file. This prevents copying and re-encoding as the video player does not provide these features.

So the video would need to be distributed via a channel that provides DRM, such as Amazon or iTunes.

It isn't possible to have a file that is playable via a normal video player and also have that file uneditable. If a video file can be played, it can be transcoded and edited.

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