I've tried several ways to install openssh without password but it does not work. With password it works fine! (Cygwin, Windows7 32Bit)

First I did it like execute ssh command without password?

Actually (after completly remove of cygwin, services, users) I did this way:

  1. Window 7, no UAC
  2. cygwin setup openssh (and mc)
  3. Terminal: ssh-host-config StrictModes used: no Privilege Seperation: yes Install sshd as service: yes Value of cygwin for the daemon: ntsec Registred service "cyg_server" create new useraccount Password!

    -> host-config finished!

  4. Terminal: ssh-user-config Create SSH2 RSA identity file: yes Passphrase: Empty Do you want to use this identity to login to this machine: yes (adding to /home/x/.ssh/authorized_keys)

    Same for: SSH2 DSA SSH2 ECDSA SSH1 RSA

    -> Configuration finished!

  5. net start sshd

  6. ssh x@localhost (add localhost to known hosts)

    Conntection closed by ::1

  7. ssh x@localhost -vvv

debug1: Offering RSA public key: /home/x/.ssh/id_rsa debug3: send_pubkey_test debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply Connection closed by ::1

What did I wrong? Can please anyone help me?

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