I have an app that I would like to send the screenshot of all selected options to the developer, but the options are in a huge treeview...

Is there a trick to easily printscreen it, like capture webpages do for long pages (they scroll it automatically)...

app with the tree view that I wanted to do the printscreen:

enter image description here

all I want is what's inside the treeview. I did several shots and "glue" them in Fireworks, but Adobe Fireworks max height is around 6000px and this is way more...

image example: http://s6.postimg.org/xqfpd92g1/Untitled_1.png

  • evidently not, maybe it should be more clear.
    – Moab
    Feb 4, 2015 at 2:22

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How do I screen capture a scrolling region?

ScreenshotCaptor will capture scrolling regions.

Screenshot Captor is a best-in-class tool for grabbing, manipulating, annotating, and sharing screenshots. It's different from other screenshot utilities in several notable ways:

  • Optimized for taking lots of screenshots with minimal intervention; stays out of your way until you need it.
  • Super easy to add and edit callout arrows and text boxes.
  • Easy automatic or on-demand uploading of screenshots to image hosting services; easy emailing of screenshots to your friends and colleagues.
  • Take snapshots from webcams; record video with the ESR addon.
  • New optional quick-capture docking bar and post-capture action dialog.
  • Full set of scanner acquisition tools and scanner image correction.
  • Perfect capture of Windows 7 partial transparency effects.
  • The most powerful scrolling capture tool in the field.
  • Great special effects, including automatic active window enhancement, ragged edge splicing, pixelation, smart text removal, and many more.
  • Smart autonaming of files, easy renaming and format conversion; automatic image file versioning.
  • Ability to embed textual comments in files or add attractive captions to images and printouts.
  • Unsurpassed multi-monitor support and lots of capture modes: Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region, Windows Object, Scrolling Capture. Each mode has a customizable hotkey for quick access.
  • Unsurpassed support for 3rd party user configurable tools, including file browsers and image editors; extend the program to do whatever you need by interfacing it with other programs.
  • Sidebar thumbnail file browser provides full shell operations, drag and drop support, and right-click actions on screenshots.
  • Deluxe thumbnail maker and watermarker.

Screenshot Captor 3 - Window Object and Scrolling Capture Screencast Videos

License: Freeware


I am not affiliated with ScreenshotCaptor in any way, I am just an end user of the software.

I have been using it for some years - it is a very useful program, particularly for writing documentation or training material, as you can annotate the screenshots as well.

  • Thanks, I couldn't do it out-of-the-box, even after saw the videos... so I've posted a message in their own forum I hope they will be able to help me...
    – balexandre
    Jan 28, 2015 at 19:05

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