I have a debian server with samba. I can no longer manage users accounts. I can't add, modify or remove them.

This is Debian wheezy with samba 3.6.6. There is no ldap and the database backend is tdb. I usually managed users with smbpasswd, but it no longer works.

When I try to create a new user:

smbpasswd -a blabla
New SMB password: ****
Retype new SMB password: ****
Failed to add entry for user blabla.

Trying to remove users with pdbedit or smbpasswd isn't working also, returning the same error:

# pdbedit -L olduser

# smbpasswd -x olduser
Failed to delete entry for user olduser.

I tried using tdbtool

# tdbtool /var/lib/samba/passdb.tdb check
Database integrity is OK and has 570 records.

I checked the keys length, I made a tiny perl script that checked all the output of tdbtool keys to see if one entry had different keys thant it should, but I see no mistakes there:

key 9 bytes: USER_old

I'm stuck, any hint would be appreciated, thank you.


Finally I got an answer in the samba mailing list:


This happens if samba runs in PDC mode and the user is not in /etc/passwd.

I saw the user I was trying to delete was not in passwd, so I added it, then I removed it again with smbpasswd -x and I also removed it from passwd.

Problem solved.


In this case I use

pdbedit -x user_name
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    Can you give some information on how that is different from what the OP tried? What does this command do and why does it work? – jornane Jul 24 '15 at 6:47

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