In my excel file, the Japanese character is shown correctly,
while when I export it as csv,
the character become question marks
How should I output so that the character can be shown correctly?


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You need to save the Excel spreadsheet as a Unicode Text file and then open the text file in Notepad and replace all tab characters with a comma.

  1. In Excel, click the Office button in the top, left-hand corner, and then click Save As...

  2. Choose a file name and select Unicode Text from the Save as type drop-down box.

    Office Save Dialog to Save As Type Unicode Text

  3. Open the file you just saved in Notepad

  4. Under the Edit menu, select Replace... (or press Ctrl+H)

  5. In the Find what: field, paste a Tab character.

  6. In the Replace with: field, enter a comma.

  7. Click Replace All and then save the text file.

    Replace Tabs with commas in Notepad


The point is, you need to save the file as UTF-8 and NOT as ASCII. Try this:

  • (1) Open an Excel file where you have the info (.xls, .xlsx)
  • (2) In Excel, choose "CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv) as the file type and save as that type.
  • (3) In NOTEPAD (found under "Programs" and then Accessories in Start menu), open the saved .csv file in Notepad
  • (4) Then choose -> Save As..and at the bottom of the "save as" box, there is a select box labelled as "Encoding". Select UTF-8 (do NOT use ANSI or you lose all accents etc). After selecting UTF-8, then save the file to a slightly different file name from the original.
  1. Download and install Unicode CSV Addin for excel.
  2. Save the csv from the new "Unicode CSV" menu as shown in picture below.

enter image description here


How about going to https://outlook.office.com/mail/ Click on the Contacts folder. At the top right, click Manage Contact, Import Contact?

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