I'd like to automate the following task in tmux:

  • enter copy mode
  • move the cursor up X lines
  • select Y lines above the cursor
  • yank those lines

Is this feasible? How?

I was able to enter copy mode via :copy-mode but then I don't know how to proceed.

Many thanks.


I found it in the while.

Note: I have this option set in .tmux.conf that states that the keys hjkl should be used to move the cursor as in vim:

set-window-option -g mode-keys vi

I created a separate file which I named copy-that.tmux. It contains those lines:

send-keys kkkkkkkkkkkk
send-keys 0
send-keys v
send-keys jjjjjjjj
send-keys $
send-keys y

First line enters copy mode, the following move the cursor up. You can also use

send-keys Up

If you don't have vim-mode keys, but I wasn't able to find a way to put several of those in a single line. Then I move to the beginning of the line with '0', enter visual mode with 'v', go down with 'j', move to the end of the line with $, and finally yank the text with 'y'.

Then I bound the execution of the script in .tmux.conf: bind -n F6 run "/path/to/copy-that.tmux"

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