I found a pretty cool CSH script at work that makes a frequently used query to Postgres a little more friendly --- except that it dumps the output to the shell. This is the part of the script generating the output:

psql "select datauri from grid where datauri like '%${1}%'" | awk -F '/' '{print $3 "\t" $4 "\t" $7 "\t" $8 "\t" $9 "\t" $10 "\t" $11}'

The name of the script is "DB"

I've tried sending this output directly to a text editor to make the output easier to deal with:

$ db get stuff | emacs -nw

I only get a blank emacs ( vi, or gedit ).

Is there a way I can alter the script, or something else, to have the output sent directly to a text editor rather than just the shell?


Using vim, you can do this:

$ db get stuff | vim -

The - tells vim to read its text input from stdin.


You can run the script form withing emacs, in fact, and it would create a new buffer for its output. Just use M-! (which runs shell-command), specify the command, and then switch to the *Shell Command Output* buffer.


By vim's 'r' command, output of a command can be inserted into a specific line like :10r !db get stuff. '10r' inserts into 11th line and '!' fetches output of the following command.

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