I run xubuntu and am switching from bash to zsh as the default shell. It works great - only thing I miss from the bash days is this: when I execute a command which isn't installed, bash would tell me the apt-get command line for installing it. Is it possible to achieve this with zsh?


This seems to be already answered here.

The response is issued by the command-not-found package, which you obviously already have, since bash is responding as you wish. It is simply a matter of configuring zsh to use it.

After trying the solution in Ubuntu I found that the file mentioned in /etc doesn't exist, but it is simply a matter of adding this line to .zshrc:

command_not_found_handler() {/usr/lib/command-not-found "$1"}

If you want to suppress zsh's own command not found message, you can add return 0 to the handler, BUT this will not show an error in $? afterwards.

There is more information on how bash interfaces to the package here.

Note that the bash handler is called command_not_found_handle(), whereas in zsh it's command_not_found_handler().

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