Is there a way I can disable typing in Google Chrome's URL bar or hide it in the current version? I know about Kiosk mode but it removes the tool bars and tabs.

  • Does fullscreen mode not solve your issue? Press F11 to try it. – Burgi Aug 11 '16 at 7:39

For Chrome Dev Version:

  • Open about:flags
  • Enable 'Compact Navigation'. restart chrome
  • Right-click on a tab and select 'Hide the toolbar'

This hides the address bar by default. For current tab you can use 'ctrl-L' to show the address bar and 'escape' to hide it

Taken from This Products forum post.


Try CTRL+CMD+F (or Ctrl+Windows+F if you are on Windows)

That exits presentation mode and (I think) solves your problem.

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