I have an NTFS drive that I want to copy a whole directory tree, which has a few junctions throughout it, but preserve the junctions so that they point to the same relative places on the new drive (also NTFS) in order to achieve a true cloning.

That is, if the old drive had a junction O:\abc\def\ghi\Bar that points to O:\abc\Foo, then I'd want to end up with N:\Blah\abc\def\ghi\Bar pointing to N:\Blah\abc\Foo

RoboCopy doesn''t seem have an option for this (and Google seems to confirm this.)

I've also tried FastCopy which at first seem to do the trick until I realized that N:\Blah\abc\def\ghi\Bar was pointing to O:\abc\Foo instead of N:\Blah\abc\Foo


  • What about mklink – Raystafarian Feb 13 '15 at 19:01
  • I don't have that on this system. I don't think it does copying though. – alanjf Feb 13 '15 at 19:07

I have had great success using Link Shell Extension, using it's Smart Copy and Smart Mirror options (which you can invoke when dragging the directories to be copied using the right mouse button and choosing from the Drop Here sub-menu.)

This will copy the whole directory tree, all sub-directories and files within, and replicate junctions, symlinks, hardlinks, et al, adjusting them so they point to the same relative location within the newly copied tree.

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