I've used macports for a long time. But recently I'm considering switch to pkgsrc. I thought pkgsrc is for NetBSD only so I just ignore it. But recently I've found out that pkgsrc makes a lot of effort to make its package profile portable accross multiple unices (including Linux, DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X).

pros of pkgsrc:

  • more packages
  • much stable maintained (NetBSD seems having more manpower of packagers)
  • have releases, current and work-in-progress (while Macports is always work-in-progress, no stable release)

pros of macports:

  • more customization for Mac OS X

So does anyone have experiences on using pkgsrc on Mac OS X? I'd like to hear you opinions.


I personally use MacPorts, since I'm used to it and understand where files can be found to subsequently install non-MacPorts applications with dependencies. However, the article Use the NetBSD excellent pkgsrc packages collection on Mac OS X describes using pkgsrc in a contained disk image, so that it doesn't interfere at all with your main OS X installation, and you can move it around from system to system!

I also found a discussion thread with a positive mention of pkgsrc on 10.5 at least.

This should provide more info to help you make a decision, although it's not a definite vote for either package manager.


If you plan on testing pkgsrc, check pkgin (apt like tool for pkgsrc). http://imil.net/pkgin/

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