svchost.exe is eating up my memory and my laptop is damn slow. When I checked the services of that svchost, its giving these many services.

wudfsvc, WPDbusenum, wlansvc, uxsms, trkwks, sysmain, pcasvc, netman, cscservice, audioendpoint.

All has the same PID which is 6156. Please assist me on this.

  • Please specify your Windows version (I bet it's 7) and how much memory you have in total, and in that svchost.exe process. – pgr Feb 14 '15 at 10:06
  • sysmain is Superfetch, which is preloading/precaching frequently used apps in memory. You can disable it. – Dan Feb 14 '15 at 13:42
  1. Use SysInternals Process Explorer (free download from Microsoft's Technet site) to get a better perception of the services (with pretty names).

  2. In my Windows 7, I have all those services running under the same svchost.exe, except WPDbusenum (Portable Device Enumerator) and cscservice (Offline Files).

  3. Try stopping those services from services.msc console, and see if it helps. I would do it one by one, starting with cscservice. Also Superfetch is a candidate, it handles a lot of memory, but it shouldn't be a problem when it's running fine (in fact, it tries to help performance).

  4. Once you know the culprit, try to find out why it's gone memory-hungry. These are very common system services, very tested, they shouldn't be causing anything wrong.

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