I am having trouble using the awful.util.spawn call in my rc.lua config file for Awesome WM.

If I use: awful.util.spawn("xclock") it works.

But if I try awful.util.spawn("setxkbmap fr") there is no effect.

Specifically, I'd like to change the keyboard map to AZERTY.

I've tried using setxkbmaps by calling a file but it makes no difference. If I open a terminal after Awesome loads, the command works.
I've also tried creating (I didn't have one before, nor in my /etc/skel/ folder) a .xinitrc file containing setxkbmap fr, but it doesn't work either...

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 i686 with the latest AWM I think.

EDIT: I use the lightdm login which automatically detects my keyboard layout! EDIT: uing awful.util.spawn_with_shell seems to fix the problem...


It would appear that a solution is to use the awful.util.spawn_with_shell call instead of simply the awful.util.spawn.

I also eliminated the .xinitrc file in order to be sure that this works.

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