I tried to add an applet to my gnome panel in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 but the applet is crashing for a reason that I can't fix.

Since it crashes immediately, I can't remove it in the normal way (right click and remove) and therefore it tries to load again everytime I restart. I assume there's a configuration file somewhere that specifies the applets but I haven't found it yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


There is even a configuration tool for this. Open up a terminal, and type gconf-editor.

alt text

This will bring up a window with a tree view on the left, first of all, expand the node "apps", scroll down to panel, expand that one as well, in here you will see a node called applets, containing all applets on your desktop, you can configure these and delete these I believe.

alt text

I hope this will help you further

PS: Ubuntu 9.10 is pretty stable here, maybe time for an update soon :D?

  • I slept thru Intrepid and Jaunty and Karmic have a major hardware regression on my laptop so I'm quite happy with a functional, but older system. Maybe the next LTS will work. – Rob Van Dam Dec 28 '09 at 17:31
  • Ah same here, my grub takes like 15 seconds too long and afcours ATI graphic card. I thought about going back to 9.04 until 9.10 had a few more updates, but well, I like ext4 and haven't had any other problems yet so, can't wait for the 10.04 though!; They kind of fixed my grub problem, for a bit. – Jeffrey Vandenborne Dec 29 '09 at 3:11

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